Sexy Questions to Ask Your Partner

If you are planning sexual intimacy with an escort girl, then it is necessary to have a conversation to get an idea about the sexual desires and needs of each other. No matter how long you’ve been together, if you want complete sexual fun, start the session with a little conversation to enhance and spice up your sexual intimacy. Today, in this post, we will discuss such sexy questions you should ask your escort partner before going intimate to increase fun on the bed. If you want to know these adult questions, stay with this post until the end, and don’t forget to share it with others. 

10 Adult Questions to Ask Your Escort Partners

  1. Have you ever had a threesome?

If you like threesome sex, you can ask your partner this question so that you fulfill your threesome sexual fantasies with them. If she answers yes or is interested, you can ask them to add someone else for threesome fun. But if she denied then don’t force them for it.

2. Do you have any fetishes? 

It is also essential to ask about your escort partner’s fetishes before being sexually intimate with them. By asking this question, you will understand their desire to fulfill you during sexual intercourse. 

3. What thing makes you horny?

You can also ask this question to your partner on the bed to know what makes them horney. If you get an idea about those key points, you can use them to satisfy your partner on the bed. 

4. What’s a non-sexual body part that turns you on? 

It is also essential to know all the non-sexual body parts of your partner that make them turn on. We all know our body has some sexual features that turn us on, but such non-sexual body parts can also trigger arousal. So freely ask them about those parts of their unexpected hot spots and unlock a new way to turn them on. 

5. What are some things on your “maybe” list?

Almost everyone has a maybe list that they always want to fulfill. If you are with an escort girl, then you should as them about their maybe list of sex so that you can meet them and get satisfied mutually. 

6. What are your rigid boundaries?

Escorts are also simple humans like us, so they have some boundaries they don’t want to cross. So it is essential to ask them about their limitations before hooking for healthy sexual intercourse. 

7. What kind of services do you serve?

If you have booked an escort near you to hook up at night, ask them about their services beforehand to prepare yourself to enjoy them all in one night. You can also choose your escort partner according to different services like girlfriend experience services, porn star experience services, BDSM sex, Roleplay sex, etc. 

8. What Sex Positions do you prefer?

When you are with a call girl in your bedroom for a romantic hook-up, you can ask them about the sex positions they prefer during sexual intercourse. You can also ask them to try sex positions like 69, doggy, cowgirl, chairman, corkscrew, face-off,g-whiz, and others to spice your sexual intimacy on the bed.

9. Do you like Roleplay sex?

You can also ask them about this question; if she replies yes, ask them which role they like to play during sexual intercourse. 

10. What’s, do you like and dislike during sexual intercourse?

Moreover, you can also ask them to inform you about their likes and dislikes during sexual intercourse so that you can enjoy intimacy to the fullest.


So, guys, these are ten sexy questions you should ask your partner before getting sexually intimate with them to delight your night. Besides this, if you are looking for an escort to have great sexual fun, you can hire Coimbatore Call girl in your locality. If you liked this post, give your feedback in the comment box and share it with others. 

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